Wishlist: Winter Warmers

Christmas is coming. Now that it is actually December it is conceived tolerable to utter those words; people that get too overexcited or eager about the festive season when Halloween has only just passed us by are too irritating. Once December arrives it is fairly standard for the Christmas trees and the lights and the various decorations to go up as soon as possible, however in our house it’s usually a week or so after everyone else simply because nobody gets around to doing it. Anyway, in the true Christmas spirit I thought I’d compile a couple of Christmas wishlists. I say a couple because there is one which is actually feasible, and one slightly more ambitious but I’m ever hopeful. Let’s be honest, I can hardly expect anyone to surprise me with a Chanel handbag on Christmas morning when all I can afford to give them is a handmade card. Not exactly fair no matter how much they may like me. So this is the first wishlist, the one I’ve actually given out to various members of the family who have been demanding Christmas lists off me since July.


1. Black Felt Pork Pie Hat £25.00 Topshop

2. Scarf £19.99 H&M

3. Bag £14.99 H&M

4. Cat Ear Headband £8.50 Topshop

5. Lace Collar Tweed Print Dress £36.00 Topshop

6. Cable Knit Hat £6.99 H&M

7. Jacquard Blouse £29.00 Zara

8. Red Trousers £25.99 Zara

9. Cream Shearling Onesie £30.00 River Island

10. Sylvie Shirt £38.00 Motel

11. Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots £45.00 Topshop

12. Black Glitter Skater Skirt £28.00 Topshop

This second list just tips into the category featuring slightly higher expectations. Mostly featuring pieces from Zara with a few others thrown in for good measure.


1. Maison Scotch Striped Shirt with Arrow Lining £145.00 Asos

2. Double Breasted Over Coat with Golden Buttons £99.99 Zara

3. Shopper Bag With Buckles £39.99 Zara

4. Michael Kors Gold & Crystal Chronograph Watch £229.00 Michael Kors

5. Sweater with Embellished Shoulders £79.99 Zara

6. Ted Baker Dress with Full Skirt £149.00

7. Jeffrey Campbell Studded Boots £130.00 Jeffrey Campbell

I’m ever hopeful! x


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