London Adventures

So last week I went into Central London to meet my friend and long standing tequila buddy Hannah, for  a little London adventure. From “long standing tequila buddy”, you should be able to guess what kind of direction this ended up going. It all started off as harmless fun; we explored Carnaby Street and spent perhaps a little too much time in the Candy Kittens Pop Up Store, befriending the candy kittens and hanging around waiting for Jamie Laing to spontaneously arrive (he didn’t), before we moved onto Brick Lane and Shoreditch to ransack the vintage shops and take far too many photos of the street art. I had even borrowed (stolen) my friend’s pork pie hat as a trial run to see if I liked it…okay that’s a lie I just wanted to copy Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea, but as it turns out I did like the hat and have since purchased one. We were meant to meet people but it was freezing outside and after a while the decision was made that wine was needed. Bearing in mind we had met at 11am, by this point it was 4pm and so tiredness mixed with numb fingers and toes somehow managed to channel the wine through our bodies a lot faster than anticipated and, before we knew it, we were drunk. Very drunk. The point where you think you’re not drunk, and so you keep drinking and end up…even more drunk. The result of this was further photo taking, a Nandos consumed within five minutes (genuinely not an exaggeration, I was starving), and running back to Carnaby Street to try and spot any of the MIC cast at the press launch for the Candy Kittens shop. Fortunately for us they had gone by the time we arrived at about 10pm otherwise I don’t even want to contemplate the humiliation we would have brought upon ourselves. Ended up at home at 11.30pm, completely panini’d and had work the next day. Ouch. But what a day.




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