The End of Gossip Girl xoxo

(If you haven’t watched the final EVER episode of Gossip Girl yet, I really wouldn’t recommend reading this unless you’re intent on spoiling it for yourself.)

My eyes have finally de-puffed from the emotional turmoil caused by the final ever episode of Gossip Girl. The last six years have climaxed in a truly spectacular fashion, all loose ends are tied up more or less…(what happens to Ivy?) and FINALLY we have the union we’ve all been waiting for, no I don’t mean Serena & Dan…CHUCK AND BLAIR GET MARRIED!! For the majority of people who, for some reason unbeknown to me, haven’t been watching since day one, not one aspect of this post will be remotely interesting, but for all true fans, it is impossible to not get embarrassingly caught up in the lives of these elite Upper East Siders.

I think the most important issue to address is Dan. Really? Lonely Boy revealed as the most elusive blogger that is Gossip Girl is a twist that supposedly should have been clear from all the signs given to us from day one, but that most of us (presumably) didn’t quite catch on to. If I’m being honest, when I initially discovered that the infuriating Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl, I was not happy. I read it online before I saw the episode (big mistake, I pretty much ruined that for myself) and I felt like the writers had basically copped out. Out of everyone I thought they’d make it a little more interesting. However, watching it unfold before my eyes gave me a different perspective and the way they explained this particular twist makes it far more understandable and sneaky, and I actually think they did a good job unmasking the infamous GG. Now I just feel stupid for not realising it before! (I genuinely had no idea.)

Chuck and Blair. Need I say anymore? This tumultuous fairytale romance had me fixated from day one, until after the accident, then it just got ridiculous, and then I fell in love once again with this scandalous couple at the end of series five when Blair goes to Monaco to win back Chuck. They became almost the focal point of the whole program, everybody adored them (apart from those odd people pining for Blair and Dan – seriously?) and the grand romantic gestures like the top of the Empire State building, THAT Harry Winston ring and ultimately the wedding; I am so glad they finally got their happy ending.

I think they could have made the ending slightly clearer, and more dramatic just to place more emphasis on the fact that this is THE END of our beloved Gossip Girl. But overall, I did enjoy the last episode, especially when they’re all waiting for Chuck and Blair to come back from the police station and they’re just discussing who they had always believed Gossip Girl to be; I thought it was Daroda at one point too! It is just a sad thought that there will be no more Chuck and Blair to frustrate and delight us, no more Nate to perv over, no more Dan to infuriate the hell out of me, no more Serena to love and hate at the same time, and no more Daroda to crack me up.

Just as it did for Sex and The City, fashion played a huge part in the establishment of Gossip Girl, and oh my gosh were there some outfits. The two key style players (on and off screen) Serena and Blair demonstrated the most elaborate range of designer wardrobes I could have ever imagined. Both so different but so bold and beautiful, I feel like I have to pull together my five favourite outfits from each of those two characters.

blair1Blair’s initial and most iconic look. She rebranded the headband and completely transformed a school uniform into a fashionable outfit, with a little help from some top notch designers, obviously. One of my favourites because this is essentially the essence of our stunning scheming Blair and I love it.



I adore this Waldorf adaptation of My Fair Lady. She looks every inch the socialite star she is, only Blair would go all out with a hat that big! Amazing.

Source: The New York Post


Absolutely gorgeous dress by Jenny Packham, also sported by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, showing that this dress is fit for (fashion) royalty. Just beautiful.

Source: Glamour Fashion


I obviously had to include THE Vera Wang wedding dress Blair wore when she married Louis! Simply divine dress fit for an (almost) Princess.

Source: Glamour Fashion


There wouldn’t be a top five Blair fashion moments without the dress that she (finally) married Chuck in. This stunning ice blue number from Elie Saab depicts the developed sophisticated style of Blair, complimented nicely (if not slightly strangely) by Chuck’s white suit with matching detailing.

Source: Ms Dressy


LOVE this bold but chic outfit from Paris. Metallics and bold colours together is an extremely strong statement to make but it works, Serena style! The minimal hair pulled back into a bun allows the outfit to do the talking.

Source: adrienloren.blogspot


This sultry little number is a Stella McCartney beaut. Very sexy Serena style with the mix of lace and mesh, cheeky!

Source: Gossip Girl Glamour Blogspot


This look from the White Party is quintessential boho Serena. The curls and braids in her hair combined with the earl cuff and hair accessories tops off this beautiful ensemble perfectly.



Just as Blake herself adores Marchesa, this pink number also manages to encapsulate Serena’s style, demonstrating why she is THE ‘It’ girl of the Upper East Side.

Source: envoguemundo.blogspot


This outfit has Serena written all over it. No other character would be able to pull this off without making it look ridiculous but it represents everything Serena is renowned for – style, and being a little bit too much.


Farewell Upper East Siders, it’s been one hell of a ride!

You know you love me. XOXO


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