Serge DeNimes Pop Up Store

So today the world was supposed to end. Some apocalyptic/alien invasion/series of unfortunate events as far as I can gather from this Mayan malarky that seems to have engrossed Twitter for the past couple of weeks. However, rather than sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for a zombie to feast on my brain, I headed over to Dover Street for Wraggamuffins, juice and chat with some other lovely bloggers to explore the Serge DeNimes Pop Up Store, which made for a much more pleasant morning. The store is hidden like a little treasure trove beneath Wolf & Badger on Dover Street, with the staircase down to it completely plastered with chalk messages relating to Serge DeNimes and it’s infamous creator, Oliver Proudlock.



Anyone that is familiar with hit reality TV show, Made In Chelsea, will know that Oliver Proudlock is renowned for larking about as one of the “Lost Bois” with his fellow co-stars Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle, not taking things too seriously and inevitably wreaking upper class havoc around Chelsea. However, the Proudlock I met today is not only charming and smart, he demonstrates a pro active role within his brand. Speaking about the production of his pieces, he goes into great detail about choosing the factory, the cotton used to create the t-shirts (seriously, so soft) and his beliefs about customer service and his plans for the future – he is so emphatic about what he’s saying that you literally cannot take your eyes off him (not in a creepy way). The whole collection reflects Proudlock’s personal taste and style, although the popularity of the brand goes far beyond the quirky, urban fashion he displays on Made In Chelsea. The brand stands alone as a very strong collection, the range of pieces and the quality of the products speak for themselves. Proudlock stated that he wants the brand to stand on it’s own platform, away from the show and to be honest, it is doing just that.



The Pop Up Store itself is a perfect reflection of the brand’s handwriting; you become engulfed in this urban, slightly retro world with a fantastic illustration on the wall at the back that eclipses the whole thing. The use of space and the arrangement of the pieces using jars, ladders, frames, trunks and god knows what else, all add to the atmosphere which Proudlock seems adamant to create at each Pop Up store they have in the future, with the next one hopefully on Carnaby Street where the style of the brand will slot naturally into the essence of that area. The range of pieces varies from beanies and snap backs to tshirts and jumpers, all beautifully produced and clearly very carefully designed. My favourite product has to be the white tshirt with the floral cross emblazoned with the SDN logo – that’s another great thing about this collection, it can easily be worn by both guys and girls and still look effortlessly cool. It’s one of the reasons I think the brand is doing so well, without any relation to Made In Chelsea, the style of this label is on trend and very appealing to a large demographic; if someone was wearing an SDN jumper, you wouldn’t automatically associate it with the show, you would just marvel at the print, graphics and quality of the jumper. That, to me, says that Proudlock has succeeded in creating a genuinely amazing brand that will no doubt flourish on it’s own, without the need to advertise on MIC.



Future prospects are in abundance for this dynamic label, as well as a summer collection, a cologne and more pop up stores, Serge DeNimes have already begun collaborating with Off Beats to discover new musical talent. The link between the urban style of this brand and music is a natural progression and one which will no doubt establish SDN as the label to watch. Perhaps slightly overwhelmed by just how much he has taken on due to his heavy involvement in the company, Proudlock explains the immense pressure and stress he is under as a result, to which the lovely blogger Charly Cox suggests “Stressful but Successful” should be a new slogan for the brand. It’s catchy, and fitting. All in all, a fantastic brand, a great guy and this is one very impressed blogger.


Thanks for having me Serge DeNimes :)


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