Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Here’s hoping everyone had a suitably merry and overindulgent Christmas and are now stuck in a similar vegetated state to myself. I physically cannot move. It went from an initial struggle (probably from the sheer amount I’ve eaten and consequently stored in various parts of my body) to my limbs simply refusing to move. My body has given up and declared it cannot possibly drink another glass of wine/champagne/prosecco/vodka/baileys, or eat another roast potato/quality street/entire cheeseboard. Which I feel is probably fair enough.

So to recap on this year’s festivities, we had drunken merriment at my Uncle’s house on Sunday at the “children’s table” (so named when we were in fact children and not 18-24 year olds; apparently there just isn’t room for us at the “adult table”) with musical crackers no less. Christmas Eve involved drunken carol singing at mass with my dad, brother and I singing above everyone else in the Church having invented our own key to sing in. Christmas Day involved drunken antics before midday and a my cousin’s grandfather instigating a game of “what does everyone weigh now?” which went down a TREAT as did a game of chinese whispers which included three seniors over the age of 85…

Everyone knows the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas, but rather than discuss my own version of the Nativity, here are some of my looooovely presents, including the red bag from Zara I put on my Wishlist post! Happy (hungover) Sarah :)


Zara bag!!



100 Iconic Covers of Vogue


True say!


Brother did good!!


Stocking Fillers!!


Merry Xmas lots of  love Sarah xxx


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