Golden Globe Awards 2013

The awards season has never really appealed to me that much; hours of watching TV & Film stars fawn and cry over their accolades and thanking everyone from their Manager to the family hamster never really sparked an interest. This year, however I was desperate to see the Golden Globe Awards, an odd occurrence which transcended from a series of things, beginning with a trip to the cinema on Saturday afternoon to see Les Miserables.

(If you still haven’t seen this beautiful, powerful and incredibly moving vision of director Tom Hooper’s, then go. Now. I promise you, you will not regret it, I have never been so drawn in by a film, not even by The Notebook (and that really is saying something) through such desperation and intimate, emotional performances from the starry cast.)

I was entranced by the simply stunning performances of Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne that when I got home I began YouTube searches on all of them, and inevitably encountered acceptance speeches and nominations which led me to thinking that I had been so taken in by the efforts of Les Mis, that I was desperate for them to receive the much deserving Golden Globes and Oscars that they had been nominated for.  So last night, I finally caught up and watched the whole thing, beginning to end and I’m really glad I did!

Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were even more hilarious than I expected with sharp, witty remarks that, unlike Ricky Gervais in previous years, had the audience (and me) roaring with laughter! Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech of her Cecil B Demille Award moved the whole room of A-Listers to tears, speaking about her mother’s dementia, and officially coming out – she was the depiction of a strong woman, unfazed by the faces around her and fiercely determined to retain privacy in her life after 47 years in the business. Much to my delight, Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, Hugh Jackman won Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, and Les Miserables won Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. Yess!!

But the most important aspect of the Globes undoubtedly had to be the dresses. Social media went crazy yesterday debating which stars made it onto the best and worst dressed lists, and I found myself torn between some. So instead, I thought I’d make my own lists, my five favourite and least favourite dresses of the Golden Globe Awards 2013. A-Listers, beware.


Anne Hathaway


Source: Marie Claire UK

Anne looks the picture of ethereal beauty in this divine white Chanel gown. Her pixie haircut, the result of her role as Fantine in Les Mis, makes this whole look even more stunning and chic.

Kate Hudson


Source: Marie Claire UK

This unbelievable Alexander McQueen gown literally took my breath away when I saw it. Kate looks absolutely amazing – the dress reveals just the right amount of flesh to make it sexy without overdoing it.

Emily Blunt


Source: Vogue UK

Emily looks beautiful in this cut away, metallic Michael Kors dress. The earrings add a pop of colour and the box clutch simply adds to the whole demeanour of the outfit. Flying the flag for the Brits!

Lea Michele


Source: Vogue UK

I just think Lea Michele looks fantastic in this Elie Saab gown! She looks so grown up in comparison to her Glee character Rachel, a real woman who is working that gorgeous dress with her enviable tan!

Megan Fox


Source: Vogue UK

Somebody explain to me how this woman has just had a baby? She looks unreal in this Dolce & Gabbana lace gown! The colour doesn’t wash her out like it would with most people, and the beautifully intricate lace detailing just makes her look even more stunning.


Jennifer Lawrence


Source: Vogue UK

Jennifer Lawrence has recently been voted the world’s most desirable woman, but if anything this Christian Dior dress leaves much to be desired. It does no favours for her figure, particularly her bust, and at 22 years old she could have picked a more adventurous, slightly sexier dress.

Lucy Liu


Source: Vogue UK

Everything about this look is just wrong. The Carolina Herrera floral ball gown swamps her petite frame, and the golden clutch makes it look cheap. Unfortunately the fish tail plait is doing her no favours either, you’re an Angel Lucy, kick your stylist into shape!

Jessica Chastain


Source: Vogue UK

Jessica may have won Best Actress in a Leading Role for Zero Dark Thirty, but I don’t feel this is an outfit for a leading lady. Her roots look like they haven’t been done although the glamourous Hollywood hairstyle is a great look for her. The Calvin Klein dress could be salvaged if the material wasn’t so unflattering on her chest, it’s too baggy!

Eva Longoria


Source: Vogue UK

Eva virtually never puts a fashion foot wrong but this bespoke Emilio Pucci dress is too much. Hasn’t anyone told you Eva, it’s legs OR cleavage, not both!

Halle Berry


Source: Vogue UK

I feel a bit sorry for Halle Berry, she’s topped pretty much every Worst Dressed List I’ve seen due to this odd Atelier Versace creation. Having said that, I can see why. The dress is unflattering and the print simply doesn’t work, Halle Berry you’re a beautiful woman, stick to something more classic!

Bring on the Oscars! x


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