Did Someone Say Snow?

So as you’re probably aware, Britain has been covered in not just a blanket, but a duvet of snow over the past few days! Which has of course led to the inevitable shut down of public transport and various other necessities you would expect us to be used to by now. This serious lack of a contingency plan means that you could find yourself having to trek through this winter wonderland to reach various destinations (by which I mean the shops, not 100 mile hikes up the country) so you had better be prepared. Obviously the key thing when venturing out into the snow is warmth (obviously) but if you’re a bonafide fashionista as well then you want to look the part too (obviously). So I have collated some inspiration and scoured for pieces to make sure the Anna Wintour in you is as satisfied as your body temperature. No onesies allowed.


Source: Pinterest Images

1. Make like Olivia Palermo and don a a brightly coloured coat to liven up an otherwise all black outfit. An excellent way to stand out in the snow and here’s three of my favourites…


2. This outfit is too cute. I love the fur coat/fedora combination – it looks so effortless but so stylish! Keeping a similar colour palette throughout means her red pout has a chance to shine. Here’s a few fancy fur coats and fedoras for you…


3. This outfit just reeks of cool; the fur snood is the key statement piece here, made only more chic with the leather look trousers and thick cardigan. Here are a few pieces to give you a similar look…

snowchic4. This look is great because it’s very much in the style of British Heritage with the jeans, colour palette and signature bag. Even better, it’s an easy look to recreate, here are my suggestions below…

heritage5. This final look is all about layering up for the cold; there are ways to do it without looking bulky, and once you have a central piece like a coat or a bag, it’s easy to work the rest of your outfit around it. (These are just ideas for layering, I wouldn’t advise wearing these altogether!)


Stay warm and safe, and most importantly, enjoy it!



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