Fred Perry is 60!

As a PR & Marketing Intern for Fred Perry, I got to tag along to the press day for the launch of the Fred Perry 60 years exhibition at Dover Street Market, and have a sneak peek at the event which has been the focus of my department for some weeks now. The exhibition features collaborations from a range of different designers, musicians and sports people, who have emblazoned a classic Fred Perry polo shirt with birthday messages and unique designs to be auctioned later on in 2013, with all proceeds going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


This exhibition is a presentation of the shirts before they are auctioned, with a chance to witness the different perceptions of the Fred Perry brand by some intriguing and creative minds from around the world, in celebration of Fred Perry’s sixtieth birthday. The gallery of shirts is displayed at Dover Street Market, a fitting environment for such a prestigious heritage brand, surrounded by other elite and expensive designers. The shirts themselves are displayed in the basement, hanging off an installation which is connected to upstairs. It is very fitting in accordance with the layout and use of interesting props Dover Street Market is renowned for, in terms of displaying their product.



I’ve been working with the PR department as all of these shirts have been flooding into the office, so I’ve had a good look at them and I’ve found it really interesting to see the various ways people choose to decorate, redesign, or in some cases – completely remake their shirt! Some have pushed the boundaries (a lot) further than others; there are links to tennis, aspects of British history, an emphasis on the sixty years or just a general play around with the shirt itself. My particular favourite is by British Fashion Designer Christopher Raeburn who turned the shirt into a bunny rabbit! Amazing! He then went on to create a small collection of woodland animals which actually went on sale at the Press Day for about £170.




There were also a small selection of shirts from Simone Rocha, Giles and J.W.Anderson that went on sale at the Press day; there seems to be a recurring theme with the animals as Giles also featured some furry creatures, but in a slightly more sinister manner with muzzled deers…not quite so quaint English countryside, but they look fantastic all the same!




And here’s a selection of the rest…


US Brand Stüssy


Creative Agency Bombshelter


Photographers Inez & Vinoodh


i-D Magazine


Canadian Novelist, Visual Artist & Designer Douglas Coupland


German Artist Marc Brandenburg


UK Artist Horace Panter


UK Fashion Designers Sister by Sibling


Hong Kong Artist Michael Lau


Dazed and Confused Magazine

To take a look at the full collection of shirts on display at Dover Street Market, you can see them here :) x


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