LOVE Magazine – Edie and Cara

So I decided to do a post on Issue 9 of LOVE magazine simply because I could not think of a good reason not to! I finally got my copy after what seems a lifetime of seeing it plastered all over Twitter and now I understand why; it’s brimming with candid interviews, beautifully shot editorials and a hefty dollop of Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell – what’s not to love?


After reading the interviews with these two internationally renowned supermodels, (even though apparently we can’t call them that anymore – what??) I discovered that I had fallen very much in love with both of them, but for different reasons. I already had an infatuation with Cara, (doesn’t everyone?) but after discovering she turned down the opportunity to star in Made In Chelsea, (CAN you imagine??) tends to say “fuck” (a LOT) and her awkward yet endearing response to the inevitable question of

“What happened with you and Harry?”…

…”Which Harry?”

Now I know it’s love.


The same can be said for Edie – I think the appeal for both of them comes from an open frankness about what they do; it’s simply “the side effect of an adventurous lifestyle.” Edie, at 22, is older than Cara’s mere twenty years and does have a meticulous air to her that shows her maturity. She addresses questions with an honesty you feel she should perhaps sugarcoat a little, but you love that she doesn’t. Her sheer honesty about her modelling career is so refreshing, she is so brazen about posing naked or bare breasted and compares it to having the “worst of your Facebook pictures being blown up and put onto a giant poster the size of a house…all the bits you don’t want on view, on view.” For some reason it had never occurred to me that models could be anxious of huge billboard sized images of themselves, especially with the excessive use of airbrushing that goes on nowadays, but I suppose that even Photoshop can’t hide everything…


My favourite part of both girl’s interviews has to be the coincidental mention of the Victoria’s Secret models. Unexpectedly, Cara featured in the last show, seemingly to her own surprise, and had to learn from the master, Candice Swanepoel how to “look at the camera like you want to fuck it.” Gosh that girl needs to wash her mouth out with soap. Either way, Cara’s appearance on the Victoria Secret runway seemed slightly out of place given her dietary plan, (McDonalds just beforehand) compared with some of the other ‘Angels’ who don’t even consume liquids for twelve hours before the show at risk of bloating…oh to have that girl’s metabolism.



Edie, on the other hand was not part of the show, but does have a strong opinion on the matter, “I always find Victoria’s Secret models a bit weird.” She goes on to explain she is put off by the extreme sexualisation of the women, as if they are being offered to men…although strangely I can’t see Cara doing that. Apparently though, if you’ve got the natural resources and you can make a lot of money out of it, then Edie says good for you, “[it’s] like coal mining…it’s not good for the environment but until you find an alternative source of energy then good for you.” This girl knows what she’s talking about, and she’s certainly made me see this subject in a whole new light. These two have the world at their feet and they are both younger than me.

In the words of Cara Delevingne, “fuck”.



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