Topshop, We Love You.

There’s a Facebook page called “I can’t afford to eat because I spent all my student loan in Topshop“, and for the entire time I was at University, this sentiment pretty much described my life. I had three jobs to try and control my spending habits but the same thing just kept happening – no food…but such a lovely wardrobe brimming with brand new Topshop designs. Life was good…but then Uni ended…and the student loan…it…stopped. Now I am unemployed, doing two internships at the same time, plus a weekly online column and maintaining this amazing blog, with basically nothing in my bank account. Consequently, no more Topshop for Sarah. Sob.

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 22.20.44

HOWEVER, this obviously doesn’t stop me going into stores or perusing online at all the beautiful things that I can’t have, in fact I have a wishlist online just in case by some miracle I win the lottery or find an obscene amount of money hiding in my piggy bank. Anyway, I had a look at this wishlist of mine, which I only began about a week and a half ago, and it’s up to just over £700…so yeah that won’t be happening anytime soon, but what I thought I’d do instead is show you some of the key Topshop trends and how I’m going to be (imagining) styling them up!


1. Spot Stretch Crop Tee £10.00, 2. Moto Blue Leigh Jeans £38.00, 3. Mickey Crop Top £16.00, 4. Moto White Hot Pants £22.00, 5. Crop Strappy Cami £15.00, 6. Spot Woven Joggers £35.00, 7. Hermione Geek Sandals £22.00, 8. 90’s Round Sunglasses £16.00, 9. 90’s Metal Insert Sunglasses £16.00, 10. Neoprene Satchel £25.00

As far as my style and the Comic Girl trend goes, I think it’s best to focus on one key piece and work the rest of the outfit around it. I absolutely adore the red polka dot top and I live in my Leigh jeans and I reckon they go together like Mickey and Minnie (Mouse ;)) Alternatively, because the polka dot trousers are monochrome, they would look good jazzed up with a pop of colour like I’ve done here! The Mickey t-shirt and white shorts is just an effortless take on this trend – it’s simple, effective and cool, especially with those round blue sunglasses! That’s the thing about this trend, you don’t have to go all out, even adding accessories such as a neon bag, 90’s sunglasses or even polka dot socks is effective – you don’t need to walk around dressed like you’ve just stepped out of a comic book!


1. Bright Floral Jacquard Trousers, 2. Check Cigarette Trousers, 3. Cateye Sunglasses £16.00, 4. Hexagon Rimless Sunglasses £14.00, 5. Glass Perspex Heel Courts £55.00, 6. Knitted Crop Jumper £36.00, 7. Bonded Lace Cigarette Trousers £42.00, 8. Sequin High Neck Top £45.00, 9. Ponte Jet Pocket Blazer £40.00, 10. Crochet Crop Vest £22.00 

I LOVE this trend, Topshop has taken the feminine, high society debutante and given her a sense of style and an edge…and it’s amazing. The whole trend is still very girlie, enhanced by the pastels and creams colour palette, but rather than just floaty skirts and ball gowns, there’s sequin crop tops, cigarette trousers and hexagon sunglasses. As you can probably tell, I’m a BIG fan of the cigarette trousers, and you can either dress these up with a blazer, or down with a slouchy tshirt or crop top, they’re a very versatile piece for your wardrobe!


1. Fortunate Cuff Sandals £48.00, 2. Artemis Gladiator Shoeboots £95.00, 3. Large Geo Cage Pendant £15.00, 4. Casual Big Pocket Shirt £36.00, 5. Cupro Soft Wide Leg Trousers £45.00, 6. Puppytooth Playsuit £48.00, 7. Grid Print Tunic Dress £ 38.00, 8. Edge Paint Satchel £28.00

The Arthaus trend is inspired by the Bauhaus movement, so think clean lines, futuristic patterns, bold, angular shapes and simple colour palette. Basically, dress like a modernist. I’m not sure this trend would necessarily compliment my shape if I dressed in it head to toe, so for me it’s all about picking specific pieces and working around that, accentuating the outfit with accessories and especially shoes with this trend – shoes are a great way to nod to the style without fully promising yourself to it. Beautiful pieces though.


1. Oversized Dip Dye Tee £20.00, 2. Strappy Cami Top £18.00, 3. Knitted Slubby Crop Jumper £34.00, 4. Moto Bleach Mom Jeans £40.00, 5. Block Check Denim Leggings £25.00, 6. Round Sunglasses £12.00, 7. Preppy Flat Top Sunglasses £16.00, 8. Geo Studded Bumbag £25.00, 9. Green Room £5.00, 10. War Paint £5.00

This trend is like a combination of every rave era you could possibly think of! Mix Ibiza with a bit of 90’s, a hint of psychedelic and a lot of colour and you might just end up here! This trend is great because you can take it in whichever direction you want, and I love the fact that the bumbag is making a reappearance – festival staple!! The Mom jeans are surprisingly flattering, and although a lot of this trend is about slouchy silhouettes, you can mix it up and invent it how you like to find out what suits you and your shape!

Topshop, you’ve given me an awful lot to think about as always, you never fail to disappoint and that’s why we pledge our love to you. x

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