Backstage at London Fashion Week!

So I told you all that I was working backstage at London Fashion Week for the Marios Schwab and Michael Van Der Ham shows, and I’m pretty sure I promised photos!! So here they are, a little instagram collage for you to have a cheeky sneak peek at what goes on backstage as well as the shows themselves! FYI there’s no photos of what I wore – black skinnies, black tshirt and black boots didn’t really seem to merit it’s own photo.

Marios Schwab





Michael Van Der Ham






It really was the most unbelievable experience for me, being able to see the sheer magnitude of work that goes on behind the scenes at fashion shows of this scale! At one point there were seven hair and make up artists working on one model who’d turned up a little late! It was surreal to watch but it still managed to feel special and I feel really lucky to have been part of such an integral part of the London Fashion Scene. Would like my invites for September now please, my aim is to get to the Burberry show and be part of this next season…

It could totally happen. x


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