It Starts With An Idea (ISWAI) cheeky peek!

So nearly two weeks ago I did a post about the beautiful jewellery from ISWAI, the new fashion concept providing a platform to up and coming raw talent, fronted by Chelsea girl and bohemian queen Caggie Dunlop. I finished the post promising more on this fantastic new brand, so here it is!

I was lucky enough to go and visit the ISWAI (It Starts With An Idea) offices a couple of weeks ago and have a cheeky little rummage through the collection, in order to take some photos to show you some of my favourite items and how I’d style them up! The collection features pieces from a range of designers across clothing, jewellery, bags and accessories and every piece featured is chosen by Caggie herself. There is the boho, quirky element you’d expect from a fashion range linked with Caggie, who is renowned for her unique sense of style, but if you were to assume this eclectic range is just for those with the same taste, well then you’d be wrong. There is something for everybody, from floral trouser suits, to denim jumpsuits, dresses, t-shirts, vests, the lot. Even better, the prices are so affordable you really have no excuse. You can order anything on this page and view the rest of the collection by here.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 15.11.00

Let’s start with the accessories; I’ve already discussed the jewellery in my Valentine’s Day post here if you want to take a look – they are obviously very much in keeping with the relaxed, free spirited vibe of this collection, with the feathers and the turquoise and the semi-precious stones, all absolutely gorgeous and could really be used to accentuate an outfit and draw out the colours from whatever you’re wearing. The same goes for these scarves and the intricate detailing, it all relates in varying ways and could be styled in so many different ways to give your outfit whatever spin you want. These beautiful bags are hand made per order, and I think I might be in love. They are just the cutest thing and I’ve never seen anything else quite like it, it’s literally like wearing your heart on your handbag.

IMG_2156 IMG_2155 IMG_2158 IMG_2157

This denim jumpsuit is a statement outfit on its own – I love the darkness of the denim, and it’s just such an effortless way to look seriously cool and bang on trend, what more could you possibly ask for? You could wear it in the day with boots or pumps and then some sky high heels for dinner in the evening! Sorted.


These floral suits have to be the highlight of this collection for me, they are just so eye catching and brimming with colour! At first I couldn’t decide which ones I preferred, but as you’ll see in a second I went with the pinker tones, purely because they suit me better as a brunette, where as I feel the greens and cooler tones would really compliment a blonde or a redhead. Okay let’s be honest, I just want both. See how I styled my pink ones below.

IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162

IMG_2153 IMG_2152 IMG_2154

What really struck me about the pieces I saw from the collection was the stunning array of colours that lay before me; it really was mesmerising, especially mixed with the prints and variation of textures and fabric – I couldn’t take my eyes off it! Because of this I felt that when it came to styling up the pieces you either go all out with clashing prints and colours, or you pick one signature piece and work the rest of your outfit around that. That’s what I’ve done here with these AMAZING floral trousers (think I’m going to have to get the matching jacket too, I cannot stop thinking about it), I’ve teamed it with simple black pieces so that the trousers are the main focus. I feel this works better as well because of the current vile weather conditions; the floral print is a great way to cheer up a wintery outfit and I cannot wait to wear them in summer with wedges and brightly coloured vest tops and crop tops!

IMG_2164 IMG_2034 IMG_2165 IMG_2163

Can you tell I get a bit awkward having my photo taken…I tend to giggle and cover my face a lot, hopefully this will improve as I try and take more OOTD shots!

Let me know what you think! x




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