Seven Days, Seven Photos.

I contemplated calling this post “My Week Through Instagram”, but decided it would be a lot more effective to share seven photos depicting a relevant representation of my week. It just made more sense rather than a million food photos and several thousand pictures of my cat lying on her back.

1. This past week in particular has had a lot to do with friendships – spending time with my girls, messing about and genuinely having an amazing time together and remembering why we’re friends. I love doing this because I always have the best time, laugh until my sides are literally splitting and talking about absolutely nothing for hours on end.


2. Let’s call this one the “After” shot – after a few too many glasses of wine when everything starts to get a liiiittle bit silly. Although you’d never have guessed it from this photo…


FYI my graphic print dress is the one you’ve probably seen on at least twenty other people, but I don’t care because it’s Topshop and I love it. :)

3. This girl has been in my life for the entire 23 years that we’ve both been on this planet. She’s my first friend in my baby book and up until recently, my next door neighbour. She’s also mental and covered in tattoos and that’s why I love her. Everybody – meet Celia.


4. So I took a nostalgic trip back to my University town of Southampton to catch up with some of my other favourite people and have a serious girls night out. (Although, to be fair, every night recently seems to be a serious girls night out. I love it, I hope we keep it up!!) Being back there was pretty surreal as it was my first trip back down since Graduation in November, but it will always be a part of me and I loved seeing the girls!! <3


5. My friend Izzy has her old housemate visiting us from the States and as a result, has embarked on an in depth tour of London, to show her why we love our city as much as we do. So over the weekend, myself, Izzy, her housemate Maria, our friend Becca and the token boy Danny (he’s not the Gay BFF btw, he just wouldn’t turn down an excuse for drinking) made our way around Camden on a pub crawl that can only be described as hilarious. Discussions ensued that are far too crude for my innocent blog and provoked Becca’s ear-shattering cackle made me remember why I too, absolutely adore London. And my friends of course.


6. From all the drinks that day, these were my favourite – the Purple People Eater’s. Most delicious and lovely looking cocktails I have ever tasted, but be warned…these are lethal! Like everything else, looks can be deceiving and these are sneaky little buggers!


7. As the final image, I decided to go with some food for thought. I found this on Pinterest and I absolutely love it. Every single person on this planet is different, a fact that should be celebrated by everyone being nothing else than themselves. (And who doesn’t love a cliché quote endorsed by Marilyn Monroe?!)


Have a good week everybody! x


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