Royal Spades Jeans – Five Days/Five Ways (his & hers!!)

You’re in for an extra special treat today, as not only will I be covering the fantastic new denim brand ‘Royal Spades’, delivering my ‘Five Days/Five Ways’ to wear them, there will also be an appearance from my little model brother showcasing how to do ‘Five Days/Five Ways’ for guys! What more could you possibly want?!

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 18.41.53

Unfortunately I tore a ligament in my ankle (ouch) and so was unable to make it to the launch party :( although I hear it was AMAZING, and a few of the Made In Chelsea favourites Oliver Proudlock, Andy Jordan, Louise Thompson and Rosie Fortescue made an appearance to show their support! Very gutted I couldn’t go, but at least everybody had a great time!

The Royal Spades brand launched in September 2012 by two sisters Anushée & Ayla Hashwani, as a fashion and lifestyle denim brand for men and women, redefining the world of denim and creating pieces that will become instant wardrobe staples. The jeans are easy to wear, great cut and made with organic cotton fibres which makes them so comfortable! Even my little brother who avoids jeans at any cost, loved them!

On to the jeans and I’ll start with myself. I had a pair of white skinnies to contend with and I had to find five different ways of styling them – a challenge that was slightly harder than anticipated given the weather situation, as I always find that white jeans work better with pumps…not exactly snow-appropriate footwear but you sometimes you have to sacrifice in the name of fashion! It’s also essential to try and steer well clear of the tacky chavvy look which can sometimes come across with white jeans, so instead I looked more to Miranda Kerr, Sienna Miller and Elle Macpherson for tips on styling them. You can let me know if I’ve succeeded there or not…

IMG_25261. Okay so number one I’m not totally convinced the matching colour shoes and jumper work, but looking at the rest of the outfit, I think it works quite well and it’s a good example of how to do the laid back look for white jeans.


2. Do excuse me baring my midriff! This is just a black cropped tshirt with my lovely coral cardigan. I do realise you probably wouldn’t wear this outside until the snow actually stops but if you were planning on wearing a giant coat on top you could get away with it! I actually really like the brightness of the cardigan with the white jeans because I think the black tones it down and pulls it together.


3. Classic over the shoulder pose. This is very Miranda Kerr inspired with the pointed pumps and monochrome look with the big statement bag. By this point I was actually thinking that white jeans were a pretty good idea and can look quite decent if you pair them with the right stuff! I like this outfit, I feel like it’s a different take on the smart monochrome trend.


4. This is such a classic Sarah pose – embarrassed by the posing and covering my face. In terms of the outfit though I think this one might actually be my favourite. This blue batwing top is one of my favourites, it’s Topshop from like four years ago but I think they still do a version of it now, but I feel like this is a really good day outfit because it stands out without trying too hard. Definitely something I would wear on a regular basis.


5. Had to include one of my looking like an idiot but I feel like this is quite a cute outfit. Purple isn’t something I’d normally wear even though I’ve had this jumper forever, but I think if you play on the purple and white and tone the rest of the outfit down, it actually looks alright! Apologies for the stupid faces, just had to be done. I am no Zoolander.

Now for my little brother who, like I said, would really rather not wear jeans. Once he had them on though, it was a completely different story and he kept saying how comfortable they are! He has the most laid back (lazy) style I’ve ever seen on anyone so I stepped in a little to help otherwise who knows what he would have chosen! But we kept it simple and to his taste, you may be able to tell a colour scheme arising after the first two images…that’s because there is no colour in Richard’s wardrobe. The jeans are a great colour though, they’re a bit brighter than Richard’s usual palette but he did agree that it’s a good thing! A great pair for guys I have to say!


1. Okay so first look (like all the others) is fairly casual and relaxed, keeping it cool with the breton stripes and tailored coat. I think this image shows off the colour of the jeans, they just make the whole look more interesting than standard stone washed denim.


2. Richard giving it the ‘Blue Steel’ pose and smoulder to the camera. Richard hates fuss, so just adding this shirt is still keeping it to his simple taste but it still looks smart. He said it’s something he would wear on a night out and could still be comfortable in.


3. This photo cracks me up because of Richard’s face, but it does a good job in showing off the shape of the jeans – they’re not too skinny according to Richard, which is a good thing! This look is ultimate casual, Richard would normally wear this with trackies but I have convinced him it looks so much better with jeans! He hates it when I’m right but he has reluctantly agreed. Smug sister.


4. Yes he does have two very similar versions of the same shirt, but if that’s what he likes then fine! We’ve put it with the man bag here and I actually think this is a pretty good look. Again you can see the slightly brighter colour of the jeans which I think just improves the overall tone of the outfit.


5. The glasses mayyyy have been my idea but I think they look good! This is Richard’s standard outfit, jumper, jeans and plimsolls and I think it works. It’s pretty effortless with maximum impact which is basically what boys want from their outfits, isn’t it? He also took the opportunity to show off his modelling looks…poser.

As you can see, not only is my brother a lot better at posing than me, but that Royal Spades have pretty much got it sorted when it comes to denim for both men and women. Both me and Richard were impressed with the comfort and fit of our jeans, and with a range of styles to choose from, I don’t see how this brand can’t be a huge success!



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